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Sales Conditions

Welcome to register Auchanwines and read this User Agreement of Auchanwines (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement” ). “User” in the following terms means an individual or a unit who applies for registration to be an online shopping member of Auchanwines. This Agreement fully describes the terms, conditions and general principles that any user shall abide by when doing online shopping on the website of Auchanwines ( or receiving any other services provided by Auchanwines. Please carefully read the Agreement, including other relevant terms mentioned by and thus included in this Agreement before registering to be an online shopping member of Auchanwines, Only when wholly accept all terms of this Agreement and finish registration procedures, will you be an online shopping member Auchanwines. This Agreement will have legal effect between users and Auchanwines as of the day of succesful registration.


1.The user hereby guarantees that he/she is a natural person aged over 18, or an legal entity or organization legally registered within the territory of People's Republic of China, with full capacity for civil rights as well as full capacity for civil conduct. 2.The user shall also guarantee hereby that all the information provided here is true、accurate and complete and Auchanwines can succesfully reach him/her through the registered contact information. Legal entity and other organization shall provide additional materials and documents as per required by Auchanwines during registration procedure. 3.In order to enjoy specific services provided by Auchanwines, the user will be required to provide relevant materials, e.g. identity certificate, or Auchanwines has the right to reject providing corresponding services. 4.The user guarantees that he/she will update user information timely so as to maintain the validity of such information. 5.In case that materials or information provided by the user include incorrect and unreal information, Auchanwines reserves the right to cancel the membership of such user and terminate the user’s right for enjoying services at any time .


1.The user places an order Auchanwines and such order will be regarded as an offer to buy the relevant product. The procedures of products selection and orders submission and handling can be reached ian relevant explanation in posted on our website. User’ submission of order will commit himself/herself to hold a responsibility for authenticity of the submitted information. The introduction of modes of payment can refer to on our website. 2.Auchanwines reserves restriction right with regard to ordering quantities of products. 3.In order to conform to national plastic limit order, users shall pay relevant price for plastic bags provided for them. 4.Rule of return and replacement of products can be reached in relevant explanation in return policy on our website. 5.In case of refund due to OOS or other reason for a customer who chooses delivery and has paid online, the customer may choose normal refund process, and the process time will be within 30 working days. The customer may also choose refund method of coupons, we will return electronic coupon of equal amount to the customer’s account within 5 working days, and the customer may use such electronic coupon when shopping next time.


1.The user will obtain a user name and a password after successful registration, and has the right to enjoy Internet technology and information services provided by Auchanwines as well as to obtain technical support, consultation and so on when enjoying the service offered by Auchanwines. For details of service see relevant webpage of Auchanwines. 2.The user shall hold full responsibility for the safety of his/her user name and its corresponding password and also for activities and events by using such user name. The user shall modify his/her password according to the procedure prescribed by Auchanwines to guarantee his/her account safety. 3.The user shall guarantee not to destroy or disturb the website of Auchanwinesas or the websites of its clients by technical means or any other means. 4.All consequences arising from incorrect contact provided by user and unsafely and instability of user’s mailbox when receiving mails from Auchan shall be borne by user himself, which include but not limited to any consequences and loses as a result of user’ failing to receive the products delivered by Auchanwines or failing to receive relevant notice sent by Auchanwines. 5.The user guarantees to abide by laws and regulations, industry practice and social public morals when using Auchanwines services, and not to make use of services provided by Auchanwines to store, release and spread the following information and contents: (1) Any content(information) violating national laws and regulations and policies; (2) Information violating state regulated political propaganda and/or news information; information relating to national secrets and/or safety; (3) The feudal superstition and/or obscene, erotic, indecent information or instigating crimes information; lottery prizes, gambling games; (4) Information violating national ethnic and religious policy; (5) Information obstructing the operational security of internet; (6) Information infringing others’ legal rights and interests and/or other information or contents being prejudicial to social order, social security and public morals. The user shall also promise at the same time not to provide any convenience for others who will release aforesaid information which does not conform to national regulations and/or provisions of this agreement, including but not limited to set URL, BANNER links and so on. The user admits that Auchanwines is entitled to terminate services for such user who and when he/she violates aforesaid provisions. The user shall compensate any los of Auchanwines caused by his/her aforesaid delinquent behavior.


1.Auchanwines is entitled to censor the user and decide whether to accept the user to be its member or whether to trade with the user on a deal. 2.Auchanwines reserves the right to terminate the providing of services for the user and terminate the user’s ID under circumstances of the user’s violating laws and regulations or this agreement. And under any circumstances, Auchanwines shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, specific and consequent damages. 3.Auchanwines shall provide qualified products to the user according to service chosen by such user and his/her payment. 4.Auchanwines reserves the right to change the products price at any time. The user comes to agreement with Auchanwines in terms of specific products trading before the latter changes the products price, Auchanwines will execute the transaction in accordance with the agreement already reached.


Auchanwines promises to take external security measures on user data, not to publish user data to third parties, not to authorize third parties to use user data, unless: 1.The user in advance agrees or authorizes Auchanwines to provide for third parties; 2.Auchanwines shall provide in accordance with laws and regulations; 3.Administrative, judicial and such authority department request Auchanwines to provide; 4.Auchanwines submits them in order to safeguard the public interest; 5.Auchanwines submits them in order to safeguard its own legitimate rights and interests; 6.Auchanwines provides them for the third- party in order to offer the user products, services and information, including situations that Auchanwines offer the user products, services and information through the third-party’s technology and service; 7.Provided that no disclosure of users’ private information, Auchanwines has the right to carry on the analysis to the entire user database and apply it for the electronic commerce.


The user clearly understands that Auchanwines will keep contact and communication with its registered members by e-mail and short message. The user agrees hereby that Auchanwines sends relevant commercial and non-commercial information by e-mail and short message, including information about member, products and services of Auchanwines. The user who does not want to receive the kind of information can cancel the order of sending email and short message by Auchanwines through the operation mode which is provided by Auchanwines in its website.


Auchanwines shall make announcement on its website for any amendment of this Agreement, and any amended matter will come into force after 7 working days from the announcing date. The user is entitled to make decision on whether to continue using Auchanwines services or not upon any such amendment. If the user fails to cease his/her membership with Auchanwines within the announcing period, he/she will be deemed to accept all the amendment made by Auchanwines.


1.The user has the right to apply to terminate his/her membership at any time. 2.The user shall abide by Anti-Spam resolution from time to time made by Auchanwines after applying to be the member of Auchanwines. The user promises not to make use of services of Auchanwines to conduct any behavior relating to spam mails, including but not limited to the followings: (1) The user takes advantage of Auchanwines’s server to send spam mails; (2) Relevant information of Auchanwines’s server or IP addres is included in the spam mails sent by the user; (3) Websites owned by the user include selling mailing list, email addres searching software, mas-mailing software and all the contents supporting spam mail service; (4) Spam mails sent by the user contain his/her registered domain information and contents and information which may make domestic and international anti-spam organizations deem Auchanwines and its users related to spam incidents. The user is aware that once spam incident happens, it will bring irreparable great loses to Auchanwines and its users. Therefore, in case of finding the user’s behavior involving in spam mails, Auchanwines will stop providing any service for such user immediately and cancel the user’s membership and reserve the right to claim against the user for loses caused by the user’s behavior relating to spam mails.


1.Any dispute in connection with this agreement shall be settled through friendly negotiations, and if no settlement is reached by the Parties through negotiation, both parties agree to submit the dispute to People’s court where Auchanwines is located. 2.The validity, interpretation, performance and settlement of disputes of this agreement shall be governed by laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and standards of computer and internet industry.


1.In case that any force majeure or other accidental events make the performance of this contract impossible, unnecessary or meaningless, the suffered party shall not be held liable. Force Majeure and accidental events shall mean all and any objective events which are unforeseeable, unavoidable and unconquerable, and make significant influence on any party or both parties, including but not limited to events such as flood, earthquake, plague epidemic, typhoon and social events such as warfare, unrest, government behavior and the like. 2.Taking the particularity of the internet in consideration , the user agrees that hacker attacks, interruptions of internet connection and system malfunction and so on, Auchanwines shall not be liable for users or any third-party’s loses arising therefrom.


1.In the event that the relevant terms of this agreement are declared invalid by authorities, such partial invalidity shall not affect the effect of other provisions, nor shall it affect the effect of interpretation of this agreement as well as the effect of relevant agreements of breach liabilities and dispute settlement. 2.In case of changing notice, address or other contacts, the change party shall inform the other party of the new address and contact information. Otherwise, the change party shall undertake responsibilities for all the consequences caused by failure of informing. The user agrees that, relevant notices of Auchanwines just need to be published on its relevant webpage, such release shall be regarded as serving to all users. 3.For the reason that Auchanwines goes public, is acquired, merges with a third-party or changes its name and the like, the user agrees that Auchanwines may transfer its rights and/or obligations to the transferee. The user guarantees again hereby that he/she has totally read and understood all of the above articles, and voluntarily and officially enters into the online member registration procedures of Auchanwines and accepts to be bound by all the above provisions. If you have any question for this Agreement, please kindly contact us via contact information posted on the website of Auchanwines.


1.The monthly subscription box》refers to the subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months to the winebox including two bottles of wine, 2 tasting guide and 1 wine guide for each month. 2.For delivery of the first month, if you order before the 15th of the month, your first box will leave the warehouse on the 15th of the month. If you order on the 15th of the month or after, your order leaves the warehouse on the day after the day of you order. 3.For delivery of the following months, your subscription box will leave each month the warehouse on the 15th of the corresponding month. When you order the subscription box, you shall pay for all the months you subscribe in a lump sum. 4.For any order of the subscription box, cancellation, in whole or in part, and refund is allowed for the undelivered order, provided that if the customer has enjoyed any discount, the cancellation of the order, in whole or in part, will lead to revocation of the discount, and therefore the discount will be deducted from the refund. 5.For return of any product received through the subscription box, Auchanwines’s return policy shall still be applied


欢迎您注册欧尚酒窖并阅读本用户协议。本协议中的“用户”是指申请注册并成为欧尚酒窖网购会员的个人或者单位。本协议详细叙述了用户在欧尚酒窖网站(http://www.欧尚酒窖.cn) 进行购物或接受欧尚酒窖提供的其它服务时所须遵守的条款、条件及一般原则。请在注册成为欧尚酒窖网购会员前,仔细阅读本协议内容,包括被本协议提及而纳入本协议的其他文件或条款。只有当您完全同意本协议所有条款并完成注册程序,才能成为欧尚酒窖的网购会员。本协议自用户注册成功之日起在用户与欧尚酒窖之间产生法律效力。

第一条 用户注册

1.用户必须是年满十八周岁,并具有完全民事行为能力和完全民事权利能力的自然人,或在中华人民共和国境内合法注册法人或其他组织。 2.为确保交易的正常进行,用户必须向欧尚酒窖提供真实、准确、完整的个人资料,使欧尚酒窖可以通过用户所填写的联系方式与用户取得联系;法人或其他组织注册用户须另外提供注册流程中要求的其它文件或材料。 3.用户应根据欧尚酒窖对于相关服务的要求提供相应的身份证明等资料,否则欧尚酒窖有权拒绝向该用户提供相关服务。 4.用户承诺将及时更新其用户信息以维持该等信息的有效性。 5.如果用户提供的资料或信息包含有不正确、不真实的信息,欧尚酒窖保留取消用户会员资格并终止为该用户提供服务的权利。

第二条 交易规则

1.用户通过欧尚酒窖网站订购商品,订单生成即视为用户与欧尚酒窖就所订购商品达成了购买协议。商品选购和订单提交及处理的流程请见欧尚酒窖网站上《购物流程》中相关说明。用户提交订单即表示其对在订单中提供的信息的真实性负责。货款支付方式介绍请见网站上《付款方式》。 2.欧尚酒窖保留对商品订购数量的限制权。 3.为遵守国家限塑令规定,用户如需要使用欧尚酒窖提供的购物袋,则应另行支付相应费用。 4.在欧尚酒窖购买商品的退换货规则请见欧尚酒窖网站上《退换货政策》相关说明。 5.已经网上支付的顾客,由于缺货或其他因素而需要退款,顾客可以选择常规的退款流程,退款周期将会在30个工作日内。或者也可以选择购物券返还的方式进行退款,即我们将会以同等金额的电子购物券形式在5个工作日之内返还至顾客的账户,顾客下次购物时可使用该电子购物券。

第三条 用户的权利和义务

1.用户注册成功后将得到一个用户名和密码,用户凭用户名和密码享受欧尚酒窖向其用户提供的互联网技术和信息服务,并有权利在接受欧尚酒窖提供的服务时获得欧尚酒窖的技术支持、咨询等,服务内容详见欧尚酒窖相关网。 2.该用户帐号和密码由用户负责保管,用户应当不时对其密码进行更改,以确保帐户安全,密码更改方式请参考欧尚酒窖相关网页说明;用户应当对以其用户帐号进行的所有活动和事件负法律责任。 3.用户保证不会利用技术或其他手段破坏及扰乱欧尚酒窖网站以及欧尚酒窖其他客户的网站。 4.对由于用户向欧尚酒窖提供的联系方式有误以及用户用于接受欧尚酒窖邮件的电子邮箱安全性、稳定性不佳而导致的一切后果,用户应自行承担责任,包括但不限于因用户未能及时收到欧尚酒窖的相关通知而导致的后果和损失。 5.用户保证其使用欧尚酒窖服务时将遵从法律法规、行业惯例和社会公共道德,不会利用欧尚酒窖提供的服务进行存储、发布、传播如下信息和内容: (1) 违反国家法律法规政策的任何内容(信息); (2) 违反国家规定的政治宣传和/或新闻信息;涉及国家秘密和/或安全的信息; (3)封建迷信和/或淫秽、色情、下流的信息或教唆犯罪的信息;博彩有奖、赌博游戏; (4)T违反国家民族和宗教政策的信息; (5)防碍互联网运行安全的信息; (6)侵害他人合法权益的信息和/或其他有损于社会秩序、社会治安、公共道德的信息或内容。 用户同时承诺不得为他人发布上述不符合国家规定和/或本协议约定的信息内容提供任何便利,包括但不限于设置URL、BANNER链接等。用户承认欧尚酒窖有权在用户违反上述时终止向用户提供服务,因用户上述行为给欧尚酒窖造成损失的,用户应予赔偿。

第四条 欧尚酒窖的权利和义务

1.欧尚酒窖有权利对用户进行审查并决定是否接受用户成为欧尚酒窖会员或是否与用户进行某一交易。 2.欧尚酒窖保留在用户违反法律法规规定或违反本协议的情况下终止为用户提供服务并终止用户帐号的权利,欧尚酒窖对任何间接、偶然、特殊及继起的损害不负责任。 3.欧尚酒窖应根据用户选择的服务以及交纳款项的情况向用户提供合格的产品。 4.欧尚酒窖保留随时更改商品价格的权利。欧尚酒窖更改商品价格之前用户就具体商品交易与欧尚酒窖达成协议的,欧尚酒窖将按照已达成的协议执行交易。

第五条 用户个人信息保护

欧尚酒窖承诺对用户资料采取对外保密措施,不向第三方披露用户资料,不授权第三方使用用户资料,除非: 1.事先获得用户的明确授权或同意; 2.根据有关的法律法规要求; 3.按照相关主管部门的要求; 4.为维护社会公众的利益; 5.为维护欧尚酒窖 网站的合法权益。 6.欧尚酒窖为向用户提供产品、服务、信息而向第三方提供的,包括欧尚酒窖通过第三方的技术及服务向用户提供产品、服务、信息的情况。 7.在不透露单个用户隐私资料的前提下,网站有权对整个用户数据库进行分析并对用户数据库进行电子商务应用。

第六条 邮件沟通


第七条 服务条款的变更


第八条 服务的终止

1.用户有权随时申请终止其会员资格。 2.用户申请成为欧尚酒窖会员后应当遵守欧尚酒窖不时作出的关于反垃圾邮件的决议,用户承诺不会利用欧尚酒窖的服务进行任何涉及垃圾邮件的行为,包括但不限于: (1)用户利用欧尚酒窖服务器发送垃圾邮件; (2)用户发送垃圾邮件中包含欧尚酒窖服务器或IP地址的相关信息; (3)用户所有的网站中包含出售邮件列表、邮件地址搜索软件、邮件群发软件等支持垃圾邮件服务的内容; (4)用户发送的垃圾邮件中包含其在欧尚酒窖注册域名信息等可能使国内及国际反垃圾邮件组织认为欧尚酒窖或欧尚酒窖用户与垃圾邮件事件有关的内容或信息。 用户理解一旦发生垃圾邮件事件将对欧尚酒窖及其所有用户造成不可挽回的巨大损失,因此欧尚酒窖发现用户有涉及垃圾邮件的行为将立即停止为该用户提供任何服务,取消该用户的会员资格,并保留对因用户涉及垃圾邮件给欧尚酒窖造成损失索赔的权利。

第九条 争议解决及法律适用

1.因本协议有关的一切争议,双方当事人应通过友好协商方式解决。如果协商未成,双方同意向欧尚酒窖所在地的人民法院起诉。 2.本协议的效力、解释、履行和争议的解决均适用中华人民共和国法律法规和计算机、互联网行业的规范。

第十条 免责申明

1.因不能预见、不能克服并不能避免且对一方或双方当事人造成重大影响的客观事件,包括但不限于自然灾害如洪水、地震、瘟疫流行和风暴等以及社会事件如战争、动乱、政府行为等,使得本协议履行不可能、不必要或者无意义的,遭受不可抗力、意外事件的一方不承担责任。 2.用户同意鉴于互联网的特殊性,黑客攻击、互联网连通中断或者系统故障等,由此给用户或者第三方造成的损失不应由欧尚酒窖承担。

第十一条 附则

1.本协议中有关条款若被权威机构认定为无效,不应影响其他条款的效力,也不影响本协议的解释、违约责任及争议解决的有关约定的效力。 2.一方变更通知、通讯地址或其他联系方式,应及时将变更后的地址、联系方式通知另一方,否则变更方应对此造成的一切后果承担责任。用户同意,欧尚酒窖的联系方式变更通知只需在欧尚酒窖有关网页上发布即视为送达用户。 3.因欧尚酒窖上市、被收购、与第三方合并、名称变更等事由,用户同意欧尚酒窖可以将其权利和/或义务转让给相应的欧尚酒窖权利/义务的承受者。 用户在此再次保证已经完全阅读并理解了上述所有条款并自愿正式进入欧尚酒窖会员在线注册程序,接受上述所有条款的约束。如您对本协议有任何疑问,可通过欧尚酒窖网站页面提供的联系方式与我们取得联系。

第十二条 :针对每月订购盒子的特殊条款

1.“每月订购盒子”是指为期3个月、6个月和12个月的订购,每月的盒子中包括2瓶酒、2份品鉴指南和1本葡萄酒指南。 订购首月的发货:如果顾客是在本月15号之前订购,礼盒将于该月15号从欧尚酒窖仓库寄出;如果顾客是在本月15号之后订购,礼盒将于订购次日从欧尚酒窖仓库寄出。 2.之后发货的日期:礼盒将在每月15号从欧尚酒窖仓库寄出。 3.购买每月订购盒子的时候,将一次性付清整个周期的款项,而不是每月支付。 4.未发货的订单都可以被取消,无论是全部取消或部分取消。如果顾客曾经享受过任何折扣或其它优惠,则该优惠金额应从退款中扣除。 5.顾客就已收货的每月订购盒子如要退货,仍应遵守欧尚酒窖的退货政策。