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Origin: Spain Region:Valencian-Community

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Alcanta Blanco 2013 is mineral,crispy and fragrant. It develops aromas of elderflower and tropical fruit,coupled with green apple.This wine will match perfectly with Poultry,Fish or Seafood.

  • Color:White - pale yellow-green 
  • Region:Valencian-Community -Alicante
  • Country: Spain 
  • Vintage:2013 
  • Grade:DO 
  • Content:750ml 
  • Grape Varieties: 50% Airen -  50% Macabeo 
  • Tasting Note: elderflower, tropical fruit, green apple 
  • Alcohol:12.5 %
  • Recommendation:chill before serving 
  • Serving Temperature:9-10℃ 
  • Retaining Level:ready to serve 


Food Matching

chicken & poussin medium cooked fish shrimp clams artichoke mooshu pork

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General information


Alcanta Blanco is a wine from Valencian-Community,region of Spain ,spanish region divided into 6 separate zones. Each one produces a different type of wine under a Denominacion de Origen: Alicante, Utiel-Requena, Valencia, Cava (multi-regional), El Terrerazo (Vino de Pago), Los Balagueses (Vino de Pago). Generally, its subsoils vary from fluvial type at low altitudes to lime at the higher altitudes with sandy type in between. We can find there soils from the Miocene and the Quaternary period, very permeable and therefore do not give rise to drainage problems.


Alcanta Blanco is located in Valencian-Community's sub-region of Alicante ,Alicante is a Spanish DO (Controlled Origin) for wines located in the province of Alicante (Autonomous Community of Valencia). There are two separate and distinct sub-zones: Vinalopó, which extends along the banks of the River Vinalopó in the southern area of the province, where the Monastrell grape variety and red wine production are predominant and the smaller and newer sub-zone known as La Marina, along the coast in the northern area of the province, where the Moscatel grape variety and white wine production are predominant. Alicante is most renowned for producing a traditional sweet dessert wine known as Fondillón, made from overripe grapes. The soils are mainly dark lime bearing soils on subsoils of sedimentary rock. By the Vinalopó banks, they are quite sandy with almost no organic material. The climate in the coastal Marina sub-zone is Mediterranean, while the climate in the Vinalopó subzone starts off Mediterranean becoming progressively more continental in the inlands.


  • Airen(50%)  
    Spanish drought-resistant grape variety, and remains the most planted white grape variety in the world. In Spain's inlands (Castilla La Mancha), Airen can grow in a hot and dry environment and produces highly alcoholised white wines. Its taste is quiet neutral, which makes it a great blending material in order to add some crisp into a wine. Lately, winemakers are exploiting the potential of Airen to produce young and easy-drinking white wines of a moderate acidity, with tasty fruits aromas such as apple and banana.
  • Macabeo(50%)  A white wine grape variety coming from Catalonia. Macabeo is a versatile grape, used in the elaboration of sparkling, dry or sweet wines. In Spain, this grape is grown in Catalogna, Cava and Rioja, but also in many other countries such as France. This grape can be used on its own, but is more commonly combined with other local varieties. Alone, sometimes aged in oak, Macabeo presents subtle floral aromas with tasty pear and apple notes.