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Origin: France Region:Provence and Corse

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CORSE CHANAU ROSE 2014 is crispy,easy-drinking and dry. It develops aromas of almond and floral,coupled with rose,cranberry,lemon.This wine will match perfectly with Pork,Poultry or Fish.

  • Color:Rose - salmon pink 
  • Region:Provence and Corse -Corse
  • Country: France 
  • Vintage:2014 
  • Grade:AOC 
  • Content:750ml 
  • Grape Varieties: 100% Garnacha 
  • Tasting Note: almond, floral, rose, cranberry, lemon, orange 
  • Alcohol:12.0 %
  • Recommendation:uncork 30 minutes before serving 
  • Serving Temperature:8℃-12℃ 
  • Retaining Level:drink within 5 years 


Food Matching

belly pork saussage chicken & poussin duck medium cooked fish smoked fish

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General information

Provence and Corse

CORSE CHANAU ROSE is a wine from Provence and Corse,region of France ,Provence Wine Provence is a wine region in the far south-eastern corner of France, best known for the quality (and quantity) of its rosé wines and for its warm, mild climate. The modernization that is occurring in so many southern French, traditional winegrowing regions has not taken such a firm grip in Provence, but there are definite signs of change. The region's grape varieties, in particular, have been under heavy scrutiny in the past few decades, with traditional varieties such as Carignan, Barbaroux (Sardinia's Barbarossa) and Calitor being replaced by more commercially viable grapes like Grenache, Syrah and even Cabernet Sauvignon. The term cépages améliorateurs ('improver varieties') is gaining currency in Provence, as it has throughout neighboring Languedoc-Roussillon. Although Barbaroux and Calitor are being gradually phased out (between 2000 and 2015), the traditionally successful local varieties Mourvedre, Tibouren and Vermentino (locally known as Rolle) have retained favor, demonstrating their value in Provence's red, rosé and white wines respectively.


CORSE CHANAU ROSE is located in Provence and Corse's sub-region of Corse ,Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the 18 regions of France. It is located west of the Italian Peninsula, southeast of the French mainland, and north of the Italian island of Sardinia. A single chain of mountains makes up two-thirds of the island.While being part of France, Corsica is also designated as a territorial collectivity (collectivité territoriale) by law. As a territorial collectivity, Corsica enjoys a greater degree of autonomy than other French regions; for example, the Corsican Assembly is able to exercise limited executive powers.


  • Garnacha(100%)  
    Garnacha (grenache in French) is a red-wine grape grown extensively in France, Spain, Australia and the United States. It is a particularly versatile varietal both in the vineyard and in the winery, and for this reason it has become one of the most widely distributed grape in the world. Some believe that the grape comes originally from Sardinia, and was taken back to Spain by the Aragonese, who occupied the island in the 14th Century. In France, Grenache is most widely planted in the southern Rhone Valley and throughout both Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon. Used in blends, it offers all sorts of possibilities. The Grenache-based rose is one of the southern France’s wine style's signature: wines produced in the towns of Tavel and Lirac are two good examples. In Spain, Garnacha is the second most planted red wine grape variety, outplanted only by its modern blending partner: Tempranillo.