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Pierre Chanau AOP Ventoux Rose 【Auchan Selection】  - 2014750ml add to my favourites Share

Origin: France Region:Rhone Valley
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Pierre Chanau AOP Ventoux Rose 【Auchan Selection】 2014 is flavourful,aromatic and round. It develops aromas of candied fruits and raspberry,coupled with strawberry.This wine will match perfectly with Fish,Salad or Vegetable.

  • Color:Rose - salmon pink 
  • Region:Rhone Valley 
  • Country: France 
  • Vintage:2014 
  • Grade:AOP 
  • Content:750ml 
  • Grape Varieties: 50% Garnacha -  50% Syrah 
  • Tasting Note: candied fruits, raspberry, strawberry 
  • Alcohol:13.0 %
  • Recommendation: 
  • Serving Temperature:8-10°C 
  • Retaining Level:drink within 2 years 


Food Matching

medium cooked fish pasta salad vinaigrette salad artichoke Stir-Fried Vegetables Aperitif

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General information

Rhone Valley

Pierre Chanau AOP Ventoux Rose 【Auchan Selection】 is a wine from Rhone Valley,region of France ,Rhone Valley spreads between Beaujolais and Languedoc-Roussillon regions on both banks of the Rhone river in the South of France. 71 000 hectares of vines are shared by 1320 villages and more than 5000 winemakers. Here, wine has been produced since 400 BC, the vineyard being among the oldest in the world, taking its roots in the ancient Greek and Roman identities. During the Middle Age, the popes of Catholic Church living in the city of Avignon were fond of the wines of southern Rhone Valley. They allowed the vineyards to increase during their time in the city and the wine notoriety extended through France. In 1930, the 16 AOC of the Rhone Valley were created, to preserve the characteristics of each wine from region. Although the Rhone is considered as one vineyard region, it falls naturally into two distinct parts, with different climates and different grape varieties.


  • Garnacha(50%)  
    Garnacha (grenache in French) is a red-wine grape grown extensively in France, Spain, Australia and the United States. It is a particularly versatile varietal both in the vineyard and in the winery, and for this reason it has become one of the most widely distributed grape in the world. Some believe that the grape comes originally from Sardinia, and was taken back to Spain by the Aragonese, who occupied the island in the 14th Century. In France, Grenache is most widely planted in the southern Rhone Valley and throughout both Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon. Used in blends, it offers all sorts of possibilities. The Grenache-based rose is one of the southern France’s wine style's signature: wines produced in the towns of Tavel and Lirac are two good examples. In Spain, Garnacha is the second most planted red wine grape variety, outplanted only by its modern blending partner: Tempranillo.
  • Syrah(50%)  
    is a dark-skinned red wine grape from the northern Rhone Valley of eastern France. In Australia, Syrah is overwhelmingly (but not exclusively) known as Shiraz.Syrah is an extremely useful blending grape due to its deep color and typically high tannins, it can also age many decades. In the southern Rhone, it is common for Syrah to be blended with Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan and Cinsaut, among others.Some of the world's most famous Syrah wines are the peppery, earthy reds of the northern Rhone Valley, specifically of the Cote-Rotie, Hermitage and Saint-Joseph appellations.Varietal Syrah can be quite floral in its youth, developing more peppery and vegetal notes as it ages. Some examples show tanned leather and smoky scents, while the fruit in these wines tends towards the very dark flavors of blackcurrant and licorice.The Valais in Switzerland and Burgenland in Austria welcomed Syrah as well with different styles of winemaking.


Our Auchan private label brand PIERRE CHANAU was created in 1984. In partnership with over 50 different producers, each of the wines in our range is expertly blended by our wine buyers in order to offer you the best value for money wine in 100 different french appellations.