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Order before 10am, delivery before 6pm (SH customer only) 100% authentic guaranteed Controlled temperature Loyalty program
  • Oops…I forgot my password and/or login, how to proceed ?

    Don’t worry we got you!

    In case you forgot your password:

    1. Go to the login page 2. click on the link 'fogotten password' 3. Key in your registered mobile number

    And that’s it! We will send you a code to reset your password within 1 minute.

    In case you forgot your login:

    You can simply use your registered mobile number as login! In case none of that work, just let us know and we will be happy to help!(the different ways to reach us is at the end of each page)
  • How can I use my coupon(s)?

    There are two kinds of coupons: one we call 'public coupons', another one 'private coupon'.

    'Public coupons' are discounts provided through wide advertisement campaign and are not affiliated to one individual customer. Meaning, anyone getting to know the coupon name and code can potentially use it at the check-out time to reduce the total amount to be paid by the discount offered on the coupon (under the conditions described for each coupon campaign).

    Public coupon requires being key-in manually by yourself when you are checking out. 'Private coupons' are discounts provided through limited advertisement campaign, and are affiliated to each individual customer. Meaning, only the person who has received this specific offer can use it. This coupon name, or code, cannot be transferred or used by anyone else.

    Beneficiaries of a private coupon do not need to key it in at the time of the check-out, because this coupon will automatically appear on your screen at that time. You will then just need to confirm that you want to use your private coupon at that time.

  • How can I modify a completed order?

    Yes it is possible. Please go to ' my order' and cancel your order. You can also call us directly, and after identification, we will cancel it for you.

  • Why are there some items temporarily Unavailable?

    Unfortunately, several reasons could explain temporarily 'out of stock' situation: suppliers out of stock, unexpected high volume of sales on a short time, but also ordering mistakes on our side (of course we are trying hard to avoid that one!).ers, as well as our decisions, on our website

  • If I like one item, may I buy as many as I want?

    In order to better serve individual customers, we have set-up a limitation on the maximum number of quantity of items to purchase for one same reference as follow: - Maximum quantity of 1 reference to purchase: 50 We reserve ourselves the right to cancel any multiple orders that we believe is designed to go around the above quantity and amount limitations.

  • Which cities can cash on delivery? How long after the completion of service of the order?

    Auchanwines will delivery from Shanghai to every cities in China and provide cash on delivery service, please click to find specific cities and times.

  • How to pay?

    We offer a variety of settlement for you, you can choose a convenient way to pay for the goods, click here to view details about the payment method

    Click here to view a detailed description of Shipment fees http://www.auchanwines.

  • How long do I have to pay after the order is generated?

    Choose online banking online payment, bank transfer, if your payment is not received within the following specified time, the system will automatically cancel the order.

    Online payment: Wait two hours

  • Cancel orders online payment, how I will be refund?

    In case you cancel your order, after on line payment , the refund will be proceed with the same payment method and using the same bank

  • Online payment problems you might encounter:

    (1) The computer does not have access to INTERNET or restricted access area;

    (2) IE version is too low, the number of passwords, IE parameter settings are not correct;

    (3) After submission, secure online payment system, the authentication connection takes about 30 seconds or longer, if network communication failure (Internet speed is too slow, dropped calls, etc.), will lead to interruption or failure to submit ;

    (4) secure online payment system authentication connection when you connect a page refresh operation, the system prompt: 'Order repeat mistakes.' The setting is to prevent online behavior causes some irregular bank settlement occurs. Please re-order online payments;

    (5) Enter the payment card account number and password is not correct;

    (6) payment functions have not been used in the bank certification;

    (7) the amount of the payment card is insufficient to pay money,

  • How do I get an VAT invoice?

    You might call our customer service : 400-885-1289

    (1) When you call customer service, confirm the good desired product, please send your invoices payable to the customer service staff. Invoice will be given to another courier.

    (2) in the website site, before submit your order please fill in, 'you need to be invoiced' and the select 'Yes', and fill in the Invoice. invoice will be given to delivery company


    (1) provided by AUCHANWINES, invoice can be used as the unit for reimbursement use.

    (2) invoice will be sent seven working days ( except national holidays) after you receive the goods. Sent by express delivery (

    (3)delivery fee is not included in the order invoice amount.

  • If you receive the goods are not satisfied with how to do? Can handle returned?

    Within 30 days of receipt of goods since customers, merchandise without open, no case of damage, we will be based on General Returns accepted, click here to view details about the return policy


    Special Instructions:

    1. Return occurs, returns due to customer reasons, freight borne by the members (in AUCHANWINES then shipping date); AUCHANWINES reasons or as a result of product quality problems caused return, AUCHANWINES will refund the purchase price of goods and the corresponding amount you freight. Standard shipping for Shanghai area: 10 yuan / bottle outside Shanghai 20 yuan / bottle.

    2. Set product is not part of the return.

    3. Order in gifts, gifts need to be returned together. Upon unpacking such Specials or used only for the order item is not refundable. Any inconvenience, please understand.

    4. The need to return the invoice and return merchandise invoices, please keep purchase invoices and purchase of goods merchandise invoices, the reasons can not be returned as a result of the customer invoice or invoice merchandise will likely lead to not be returned.

    5. Under normal circumstances, an order to return the operation only once, so in order to ensure your rights, please contact us after thoughtful consideration.

    6. The pictures and information for reference, merchandise will prevail in kind. Depending on the shooting in different lighting and display color problems may result in pictures of goods have a certain color, not a quality problem.

  • How to apply for a refund?

    If you need to handle returns, please contact our hotline 400, after verification by customer service staff for your refund :

    (1) Online payment: we will use the same bank account as the one you use to place order

    Normal refund period: 3-5 days

    (2) Cash on Delivery : (what ever if you paid by cash or by Credit card) By bank transfer to your bank, please provide bank account number

    Normal refund period: 7-15 working days

  • Delivery fees / free delivery

    1) If your total order amount is of more than 150 RMB, we will grant you free delivery

    2) If your total order amount is less than 150 RMB, the delivery fees by region are detailed in the following page


  • Which cities can cash on delivery? How long after the completion of service of the order?

    Auchanwines will delivery from Shanghai to every cities in China and provide cash on delivery service, please click to find specific cities and times.