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Order before 10am, delivery before 6pm (Shanghai customers Only) Order before 10am, delivery before 6pm (SH customer only) 100% authentic guaranteed Controlled temperature Loyalty program

At, we choose our wine suppliers very carefully thanks to Auchan's professional buyers.
In close relationship with the winemakers, we ensure that the product is stored in the best condition and its origin is guaranteed by Auchan (one of the biggest European wine retailers). Our experience proven through many years of activity and a careful selection of reputed winemakers guaranty you the authenticity, the quality and the best price.

I - A long experience

To ensure wine quality, we focus on four points:

  • The providers are selected for their reliability and their management of quality respecting international standards.
  • All imported wines coming from Europe are shipped in air-conditioned containers.
  • We evaluate every week new wines to add to our catalog throughout a wine tasting workshop organized with a wine expert.
  • Tests are conducted from production to delivery. We ensure traceability all along the import process and the delivery.

II - Proof of origin

We created Intelligent Stickers for you:

Our stickers are unique and secured by Auchanwines which ensures the safety and the traceability of each product. You can scan this QR code with a mobile and will be immediately linked to the proper page of our website to get additionnal information on the bottle and purchase, if desired, with an 'add to cart' button.

With more than 100 choices of different tastes and aromas, allows you to learn about tasting and how to properly choose a wine which fits perfectly with your own taste (fruity, oaky, tannic, sweet...). Finally, the stickers allow our customers to directly share their tasting experience with Auchanwines community by rating the wine or writing a comment via mobile.

III - Protection

To protect your bottles, we seal our packaging:

We ensure the safety and prevent any form of error, fake or robbery using a special seal to prove nobody has opened the packaging.