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Order before 10am, delivery before 6pm (Shanghai customers Only) 100% authentic guaranteed Controlled temperature Loyalty program No-Reason Replacement & Return Policy

Auchanwines strictly observes the relevant national laws and regulations, and provides the replacement and return services in accordance with the relevant laws and Auchanwines return and replacement policies. You may enjoy a replacement or return service within 15 days upon the receiving date in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations and our return and replacement policy.

No-Reason Replacement &Return Policy:

1.You may claim the replacement or return without any reason within 15 days upon the date of receiving the goods. 2.The goods in replacement or return must be in the original box and/or packaging. The goods (including the outer box) shall be sealed or undamaged, the wines label remains undestroyed, and the invoice and gift (if any) return in complete as well. You may claim the replacement or return service only when these conditions are met. 3.You shall bear all return or replacement shipping charges.

Return & Replacement Policy on Quality Problem:

1.Auchanwines warrants that all wines sold are under current national laws and regulations as well as quality standards and requirements in wines industry. 2.You may claim the replacement or return service within 15 days of the date upon receiving the goods in following circumstance: (1) Any leaking or defiled packing problem is discovered or any other damage not caused by you in the case of complete package, unseal and label undestroyed; (2) The product delivered is overdue; 3.All shipping charges shall be paid by you in advance as Auchanwines will reimburse you after confirming the returned products are in consistent with Auchanwines replacement & return policies. The reimbursement will be made to your original payment account or any account you provide if your payment for order was made in cash. The reimbursement will be made in accordance with our shipping charges reimbursement standard. In this kind of return or replacement, Please use the same delivery company as entrusted by Auchanwines.

Important Notice:

1.Any defective problem discovered before signing for the products, Auchanwines will bear all shipping charges for replacement of the goods. 2.Any packing defective problem discovered including any damage to the wines label or packing of the goods not attribute to the customer, you may apply for refund or replacement for the same goods your ordered. 3.If gift comes with orders, then your order must be returned with the corresponding gifts. In case of gift lost or damaged, we will ask you for the gift’s market price compensation before return. 4.Replacement or return service without reason does not apply to the goods sold in special promotion, group purchase, or marked as defective products or was made per your order or any special circumstance that Auchanwines specifically marked as no replacement & refund service. 5.Any defect caused by you is not suitable for replacement or return service without reason. 6.You may enjoy our replacement or return service once on every order. Please think carefully before contact us. 7.Replacement or return application must be made within 15 days of receiving date. The receiving date will be determined in accordance with the date record by the third party delivery company. In case the delivery company couldn't provide the delivery receipt, the delivery date will be estimated by Auchanwines Customer Service Center depending on the distance and other factors. 8.Due to the specialty of the outer package of the wines and the high value of the package, the open or damage of the package will reduce the actual value of the goods, and affect the re-sale of the wines, therefore, the no-reason return & replacement will not apply to the case of the package open or damaged, pls consider when order.

Important Notice:

Please contact Auchanwines Customer Service Center for replacement or return service. Tel: 400-885-1289; Email:

Refund Rules:

1.The goods in return must be returned to Auchanwines warehouse, and refund will be made after confirmation of the Products. 2.ON line payment: Refund can only be made through wire transfer to your original account if order paid on line (via credit card or debit card), or to any account you provide if the original order paid in cash. Cash refund not supported. 3.Payment on delivery: If the original order is paid in cash, or in credit card, or debit card you need to provide bank account details to our Customer Service for refund, or upload with the order. 4.Auchanwines will refund the payment you made for the original order within 7 days of the date our warehouse accepting the returned goods.