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Chateau Plaisance Cuvee Alix  - 2005750ml add to my favourites Share

Origin: France Region:Bordeaux

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Chateau Plaisance Cuvee Alix 2005 is elegant,supple and round. It develops aromas of vanilla and violet,coupled with toasted oak,red fruits.This wine will match perfectly with Beef,Poultry or Vegetable.

  • Color:Red - deep garnet 
  • Region:Bordeaux -Blaye-Cotes-de-Bordeaux
  • Country: France 
  • Vintage:2005 
  • Grade:AOP 
  • Content:750ml 
  • Grape Varieties: 75% Merlot -  20% Cabernet Sauvignon -  5% Cabernet Franc 
  • Tasting Note: vanilla, violet, toasted oak, red fruits 
  • Alcohol:13.5 %
  • Recommendation:uncork 30 minutes before serving 
  • Serving Temperature:16-18°C 
  • Retaining Level:drink within 5 years 


Food Matching

steak veal chicken & poussin mushrooms eggplant roasted vegetables

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General information


Chateau Plaisance Cuvee Alix is a wine from Bordeaux,region of France ,with 115000ha and 60 different AOC, the Bordeaux vineyard is the oldest and the largest fine wine region in the world. Ideally located in the South-West of France, this area provides an excellent environment for wine growing due to its exceptional oceanic and temperate climate. This vineyard offers a wide wine assortment with very specific characteristics.
Divided in six different sub-regions which are Medoc, Graves and Sauternais on the left side of the Garonne river, Blaye and Libournais on the right side of the Dordogne river and finally the Entre-deux-Mers area which is located between these two rivers. Bordeaux soils are more clay and limestone, even if sand and gravel are found on the left side. The main red grapes of the region are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The three white grapes are Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle. Bordeaux vineyards produce red and white wines, sweet white wines, sparkling and Claret which is the typical well flavoured rose of Bordeaux.
Due to all those particularities and the consistent level of quality, Bordeaux can be considered as one of the finest showcases of French quality wine. Moreover the region has different rankings like the 1855, the ranking of Graves, Saint-Emilion classification and the Medoc classification of Crus Bourgeois that rewards the quality of this world known terroir.


Chateau Plaisance Cuvee Alix is located in Bordeaux's sub-region of Blaye-Cotes-de-Bordeaux ,Blaye-Cotes-de-Bordeaux is the appellation title for Cotes de Bordeaux wines made specifically in the Blaye district of Bordeaux, just across the Gironde from the Medoc. The wines here are both red and white. Wines once made under the Premieres Cotes de Blaye appellation are now sold under this new title. The Cotes de Bordeaux appellation was created in 2009 to bring together several "cotes" of Bordeaux under a single banner. The process began officially in 1985, when the presidents of five Cotes appellations founded the Association des Cotes de Bordeaux. By the end of 2003, the decision had been taken to create the Cotes de Bordeaux appellation, with the geographical denominations Blaye, Cadillac, Castillon and Francs. After another six years of negotiations, the appellation was confirmed and ratified.


  • Merlot(75%)  
    It is the most representative grape of Bordeaux, covering 60% of the vineyard. It is found mainly in the Libournais, on the "right bank" of the Garonne, especially in Saint Emilion and Pomerol. This grape is easily exportable thanks to its adaptability to different soils. It matures very quickly on gravelly soils, but it is clay soils of Pomerol and Saint-Emilion that fit it best. There, the fruit is expressed all in delicacy, offering floral notes of violet, peony, and of black and red fruits. Among all Bordeaux varieties, Merlot is the one which offers roundness and smoothness to the wine. Over time, these flavors evolve towards undergrowth aromas, marked by mushrooms, truffles, tobacco and even old leather.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon(20%)  
    One of the most cultivated grape variety in the world. Often blended with Merlot and Cabernet Franc, it is grown in nearly every wine producing country, thanks to its hardy constitution. It can be identified by its thick skin and some low yields. In a blend, Cabernet-Sauvignon brings tannins, structure and acidity, which are the keys to a perfect aging process. Californian Nappa Valley has espacially well worked this varietal, which is the main factor of its extrordinary recognition and success. Known for its vegetal flavors such as mint and eucalyptus, Cabernet Sauvignon can turn a wine with herbaceous dominances if harvested too green.
  • Cabernet Franc(5%)  
    Mainly grown in the Bordeaux region as well as in the Loire Valley. Cabernet Franc is distinguished by its aromatic smoothness, spicy aromas, sometimes green pepper taste and his good aging potential. We supposed that this grape variety is coming from the Pyrenees mountains on Spanish side. Used blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Cabernet Franc contributes to the delicacy of a lot of great Bordeaux wines thanks to its beautiful flavors of red and black fruits, completed by a low tannins level. Cooler climates from France inlands are particularly adapted to the developpement of Cabernet Franc: the Loire Valley vineyards are widely filled with it. In this region, it gives one of the best fruited, light red wines of France with some raspberry taste in Bourgeuil area or violet aromas in Chinon. Cabernet Franc is also planted in Italy.


This is one of the fourty's Chateau owned by Bernard Magrez all around the world.


Beautiful dark garnet color. On the nose, elegant wine, soft and round exhaling generous aromas of vanilla and ripe red fruit. The mouth is tasty, the tannins are silky and well blended.