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Telenn Du 33cl 4.5% 330ml add to my favourites Share

Origin: France
Price:¥5.00 ¥25.00, save ¥20.00
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  • Country:France
  • Brewery:Lancelot
  • Color:Black 
  • Type:Black Beer 
  • Tasting Note: Malty, Yeast, Citrus  
  • Alcohol:4.5 % 
  • Content:330ml 

Number of comments: 2

    • 2017/06/14 09:02:57 Maxime VanderWees
      Great french beer! I really like the fact that it has the biological certification.
    • 2017/06/14 09:02:04 Maxime VanderWees
      Simple and good beer. Good choice for french beer!

General information

Inspired by Breton history and Celtic legends, Lancelot Brasserie is one of the first breweries in Brittany have emerged. It offers quality beers, all brewed by craftsmen in the respect for tradition and boasts a strong identity Celtic.