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BERTINCHAMPS BRUNE 50 CL 7° 7.0% 500ml add to my favourites Share

Origin: Belgium
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  • Country:Belgium
  • Brewery:Bertinchamps
  • Color:Brown 
  • Type:Brown Beer 
  • Tasting Note: Malty, Caramel, Sweet  
  • Alcohol:7.0 % 
  • Content:500ml 

Number of comments: 1

    • 2017/06/14 09:03:42 Maxime VanderWees
      I really like black beers and this one is great in every aspect. Drink really cold!

General information

Created in 2013 by a former brewery of the abbey of Val-Dieu, the Bertinchamps has quickly earned a fine reputation in the Namur Hesbaye. Besides the retro design in agreement with the transgenerational knowledge of brewing, Bertinchamps are packaged in 50cl bottles, allowing a friendlier tasting.