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At, product quality is fundamental.

Wines are one of the few things getting better with aging. But that is only if you take proper care of your bottles. It is essential to carefully maintain both temperature and humidity at a proper level.

I - Take a look at our work

  • Temperature controlled

    The best temperature to preserve wines is between 16°C and 20°C. During your bottles transportation, from vineyard to our warehouses your wines are kept in a temperature controlled environment, in a refrigerated container, wine is preserved during the whole supply chain to guaranty you the best product quality.

  • Humidity Controlled 

    Too little humidity will dry and shrivel the cork allowing air to enter the bottle, it will cause oxidation and spoilage. Too much humidity is a threat for the label and the cork quality.
    At, we maintain humidity between 70% and 80%.

  • Dark Storage 

    Exposure to sunlight or artificial light is damaging the taste, the color, the scent and mouth-feel and can make a wine undrinkable. This is why at we store your bottle in the dark, they will in fact nearly never see the light from their production to the moment when you will open our box.

  • Air Purified Warehouse

    At, we have a dedicated warehouse to store only your wines. Your wine “breathes,” meaning that it will absorb other flavors and smells that leak in. Anything that can mold or rot (like foodstuffs), or that has a strong scent (like chemicals).

II - Quality & traceability

During transportation from vineyard to our warehouse, bottles are kept in a dark temperature controlled environment in order to guaranty you the best product quality.

Shipped in a refrigerated container, wine is preserved during the whole supply chain. Then bottles are stored in our warehouse in Shanghai, where humidity is controlled and temperature is held between 16°C and 20°C.

To deliver your order in time respecting the wine, we are helped by a qualified delivery company. We ensure traceability through an intelligent sticker which proves the product origin and we seal our packaging before your products leave our warehouse.
From the wineries to your place, we choose the best for your wines.

III - Warehouse video