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The Storage Environment


    High Temperature: Wines cannot support variations and extreme temperatureshe. The best temperature is between 16 and 20 degrees.

    Too hot: too hot tempetures risk to damage the wine flavors by increasing its aging rate

    Too cold: too cold temperatures risk to increase the astringency of the wine causing dry and puckery mouthfell.


    Too Much: Encourage mold growth and damage the label. But it won't be very dqngerous for the wine quality.

    Too Little: A storage environment with too little humidity with make dry and shrivel the cork allowing the air to enter the bottle. If the wine is in contact with too much air it will cause oxidation and spoilage making your wine taste like vinegar. The ideal level of humidity is 70%, but between 50% and 80% of humidity is considered as safe for your wine.


    Horizontaly: horizontql position keeps the corks moist, wich prevent them from drying and spoiling the wine flavors.

    Odors: Strong odors qnd odors of fermented food can affect your wine. Through the cork, the wine is breathing and can integrate these strong unwanted flavors.


    Darker the Better:  Direct light can cause premature aging. The flavor of the wine is impacted significantly, if exposed to direct light for a long period of time. Though most wine bottles have UV protected layer, that still doesn't protect it at 100%.

Keeping an Open Bottle


    It is dificult to waste the end of your favorite wine bottle. That's why we are going to give you some tips to help you keep you open bottle.
    The wine is going bad after a long opening because of the oxidation accelerated by the contact with the air (no cork) and by the light. Here are some tips to prevent that.
    How to store your open bottle of wine:
    - Do not store the open bottle on his side. Because there is already lot's of oxygen in the bottle, it increase the   surface area exposed to oxygen.
    - Don't store open wine next to a window. Because of the sun exposure and temperature variation.
    - Avoid hot and variable temperature, if you cannot find a cool storage, it is even better to store your red wine    in the fridge.

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